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INIRE is a group delivering audiovisual stage performances, installations and projects about sound and image. INIRE productions are created using multiple sensory channels by electronic and electroacoustic instruments, samplers, analogue synthesizers, modular systems, both audio and video. The main focus of INIRE’s activity is perception, interaction and convergence of sound and image.



2023  Mimeting as Well as Worlding

2022  Three Movements

2021  Rhizome

2020  re-drawing lines of perception

2019  Time is what keeps the light from reaching us

2018  Drifting down and up the meaning

2017  Transcape disturbances

2016  Labirynt (with Fabrizio Casti)
2015  2 3 5 & 2 5 7
2014  Le corps sans qualites
2013  Subsensorial transmission 
2013  Mémoire obsolète
2012  Shipwreck score
2011  re-membering re-called
2011  Dante's Songs 2.011
2010  chopintimacy
2010  Dante's Songs
2009  Atalanta Fugiens
2007  Traces
2004  Septem Sermones ad Mortuos

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